Interactive Videos and Explainers for Australian startup Homeswitch

Why and How

Keeping users engaged isn’t easy. You can’t just slap on a list of features and expect the audience to engage and care about what you have to offer. You have¬†to do something that breaks the pattern.

That’s exactly what we did for Homeswitch’s launch, although with a side-quest to not break their rather fragile budget.

We designed a simple interactive video with a simple twist: Also get the chance to see how switching homes goes when you’re not going through Homeswitch.

Technically speaking, we’ve used the YouTube annotations system to switch between different videos that each represent different choices. For practical reasons, we’ve also chosen to include the main ‘choice’ option within the main video, so that the video merely skips to that part once the option is selected.

YouTube’s annotations system wasn’t our first choice as it’s rather intrusive and often times people disable annotations automatically through plug-ins. After going through and testing some platforms like Brainient out there and realizing they just add some code over YouTube-hosted videos further embedded somewhere else.

This is of course an over-simplification of how those platforms work, unfortunately they didn’t seem to add any real value for our particular project.

Check out the video below!

Animated Explainers

For a more complete strategy, we’ve also designed another couple of explainers for HomeSwitch.

These were specifically designed for other types of audiences. A more targeted focus yields better results.

The first of them is targeted at potential Vendors to sign-up with HomeSwitch whilst the second is aimed at real estate agents looking to earn more money by referring people to HomeSwitch.

Vendors Explainer

Real Estate Agents Explainer